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1969 Ford Mustang Resto Mod Project

You can follow the progress of our 1969 Ford Mustang Resto Mod here.

We have started out with a good solid ‘69 which has been restored in stages over the last few years. She has a built 429ci big block and C6 auto box.

We will be going all out with a 5.2 litre “Aluminator” XS Coyote engine with 575bhp which will be coupled up to a Tremec T56 Super Magnum 6 speed manual transmission.

The Mustang has been subject of a retoration and modification over the last 4 or 5 years before it came into our hands. Originally a 302ci V8 car, she has had a 429ci Cobra Jet engine built and installed, with Edelbrock ally heads and intake, dual Holley Carb set up, headers etc etc. Not too sure on then internal modifications but we will have a look when we have removed the engine.


There are some good and not so good elements to the restoration so we are just going to strip the whole car down and start all over again, this way we know exactly what has been done and to what standard.

So its time to take her apart.


Front end being stripped and prepping the engine for removal


Headers were very tight in the engine bay but with a bit of cutting and a bit of persuasion the engine has come loose and is ready to lift out. Once this beast is removed you can really get a feel for the huge size of this big block motor



The C6 auto box is next to come out, again this looks pretty fresh and recently built. Now we just have to think what project we are going to put this set up into….



We can now roll her back off the ramp and start to strip out the remaining engine bay stuff and start stripping the interior out



The original colour of the mustang is revealed…..



More interior stripping



We have a clean cabin now….


Now we can get her back on the ramp and start to dismantle the front end to get her ready for the new Heidts front cross member to be welded in



Shock towers, shocks, springs and all other suspension components are removed



Front K member cross brace being measured up and positioned in ready for some heavy duty welding



Superb Welding skills by our man “Winkle”


We made up a Dolly for the front end so we can move her around, we’ll leave the rear axle on for now so the soda blaster can move her about easily. Loaded up on the lorry ready to go.

We use soda blasting rather than media or sand blasting, its a bit more gentle on the panels reduces the risk of panel warp, and its environmentally friendly as well.